What Is Naturally Innovative Nutrition?

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty obsessive about how we formulate our products. From day one, we’ve been driven by a product design ethos that prioritizes synergy between innovative nutritional science and the remarkable sophistication of organic functional ingredients. 

We call this design ethos Naturally Innovative Nutrition. In every product we develop, we aim to take the most potent healing plant materials nature has to offer, and amplify their bioavailability and efficacy via cutting edge nutritional science. These whole plants are time-tested by thousands of years of human use, unlike the synthetic ingredients and isolates that characterize a less balanced approach to “innovation.” 

Full-Spectrum Extracts vs. Isolated Compounds

A great example of this “naturally innovative” approach is the full-spectrum CO2 turmeric extracts we use in our Gold Liposomal Turmeric products.

Whereas other turmeric products use only a single isolated compound from turmeric (generally, curcumin), we found that using the complete set of turmeric's beneficial compounds delivers a more profound and lasting anti-inflammatory effect. 

Furthermore, turmeric’s lesser known compounds (absent from curcumin products) offer their own impressive benefits. One prominent example is ar-turmerone, which was found to accelerate the proliferation of neural stem cells by 50-80%. [1] Studies like this make us firm believers that full-spectrum turmeric is dramatically superior to isolates.

Is this indicative of some innate wisdom in the plant? We remain agnostic to that question, but this is just one of many instances we've observed the advantages of whole-plant extracts over isolated compounds. So now we always begin our formulation processes with whole-plant extracts and work from there.

But as is the case with the turmeric CO2 extract, these whole-plant extracts are never perfect, and this is where we can use innovative nutritional science to overcome their shortcomings - increasing bioavailability and efficacy in the body.

Innovative Nutrient Delivery

When we formulated Gold, our goal was to create the world’s most potent turmeric supplement. We saw that, as powerful as the CO2 turmeric extract is, its absorption in the body was quite inefficient. To address this shortcoming, we explored an innovative nutrient-delivery strategy in which phospholipids (a specific type of fat) are used to form nano-encapsulations of a bioactive material (in this case, our turmeric extract). This process - called liposomalization - allows for a tenfold increase in bioavailability (i.e. absorption in the body).

Combining the full-spectrum turmeric extract with cutting-edge nano-encapsulation delivery is what puts Gold levels above other turmeric supplements with regards to potency and efficacy.

This synergy between whole-plant wisdom and modern science is Naturally Innovative Nutrition at work.


[1] https://www.stemcellres.com/content/5/4/100

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