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Twenty one dayKeto Cleanse

Stride into 2020 with a clean, lean body you love.

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Improved Mood & Mental Clarity

Clear + Efficient Digestion

Improved Energy Levels

Easier Weight Loss

A simple, research-backed, step-by-step program using the power of the ketogenic diet to give you a clean, vibrant body you love.

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"This cleanse has been life changing! Within the first week I noticed more energy, mental clarity and I was sleeping through the night! The "cherry on top" has been losing unwanted weight. Everything included in the cleanse kit tasted amazing and the recipes provided were tasty and easy to make! Thank you for creating and providing great products!"

Jennifer R.

How it works

The Keto Cleanse Program sets in motion four processes that produce the program’s remarkable benefits


Improves Digestion

Micro · Bios and Pre · Bios, our medical-grade probiotic and prebiotic supplements, clear toxins and stagnant material from your GI tract, and help you to build a thriving microbiome. Over 3 weeks, this will completely transform the quality of your digestion.

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Removes Toxins From The Body

As the cleanse removes disruptive and inflammatory toxins from your body, you’ll start to see your metabolic rate (and energy levels) rise. This means you'll feel more energized and you’ll be burning fat at a faster rate as well.

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Turns On Cellular Deep Cleaning (i.e. Autophagy)

Using a technique called Modified Intermittent Fasting (MIF), you’ll multiply the benefits of ketosis several times over, turning on deep cellular cleaning. This is where the real magic happens.

Don’t be intimidated by this part! We’ll start slow, and Modified Intermittent Fasting is way easier than traditional Intermittent Fasting (IF).

In Modified IF, we eat Ketomanna and Ketobasis in our fasting periods (yay!). With Modified IF, you get essentially all of the benefits of traditional IF, but without the hunger and struggle that can come with traditional IF for some people. People generally feel fantastic when doing Modified IF.

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Turns On Fat Burning (aka Fat Oxidation)

Ketosis plus Modified Intermittent Fasting sends a strong signal to your body to “turn on” fat oxidation in adipose tissue (aka “fat burning”).

This means if you choose to eat fewer calories during the cleanse in an effort to lose weight, you'll see bigger results, faster.

As a bonus, because the Cleanse balances blood sugar and hormone levels, you'll experience less hunger than you would otherwise, making it a world easier to maintain the daily calorie deficit that is essential for weight loss.

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What's included

Keto Cleanse Bundle

Keto Cleanse Kit

(3) Ketomanna [60 packets]

Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge

(3) Ketobasis

C8 MCT Oil Powder

(1) Prebios

Prebiotic Fiber Digestive Cleanse

(1) Microbios

Medical-Grade Spore Form Probiotic

(1) Hydros

Trace Mineral + Electrolytes

Retail Value $350

Keto Cleanse Bundle

Participant-only Access

The Keto Cleanse Program facebook support group

Chat with our knowledgeable Keto Cleanse Program coaches (M-F 9-5)

Weekly video courses, step-by-step guides, meal plans and recipe books.

Retail Value $99

"I just completed this cleanse and am very happy to say I have more energy and I notice a slight improvement in my memory! It was very easy to do, well written instructions, and shopping list and menus and recipes for each week."

Beth M.

21-Day Keto Cleanse Program

$450 $299

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Weekly Videos

Step-by-step Guides

Meal Plans

Recipe Books

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Who is the cleanse for?

Most likely, you.
Essentially anyone looking to lose weight, increase energy levels and generally improve the way their body looks and feels has the potential to benefit hugely from the “full body reset” set in motion by the Keto Cleanse Program.

Who is it not for?

That being said, there aresome people who may not be good candidates for the cleanse program. Children under the age of 18 are not good candidates, nor is anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. If you’re a Type 1 Diabetic or an insulin-dependent Type 2 Diabetics, the cleanse may work well for you, but you should definitely consult your primary doctor before making any dramatic changes to your diet.

Will I lose weight on the clease?

As described in the weight loss section above, there are a number of ways in which the Cleanse Program will uniquely set you up for success in losing body fat. No one can violate the laws of thermodynamics though, so you’re still going to have to take in less energy (i.e. calories) than your body uses in a day so that your body dips into your stored body fat to make up the difference. The ketogenic diet in combination with modified intermittent fasting you’ll be using in the Cleanse make it as easy as humanly possible to comfortably maintain a calorie defecit over time.

Modified Intermittent Fasting?! I’m nervous about this...

Don’t be! We’ll start slow, and Modified Intermittent Fasting is a world easier than traditional Intermittent Fasting (IF).

In Modified IF, you’re allowed to eat Ketomanna and Ketobasis in your fasting period (yay!). With Modified IF, you get essentially all of the benefits of traditional IF, but without the struggle that can come with traditional IF for some people.

Ketosis plus MIF sends a strong signal to your body to “turn on” fat oxidation in adipose tissue (aka “fat burning”) and cellular self-cleaning (autophagy). This is where the magic of the cleanse happens.

Do I need to stop taking vitamins or prescription meds?

Nope, keep taking all your usual supplements and definitely don’t even think about stopping your prescription medications without talking to your doctor (duh). For your stomach’s sake, it’s probably best to take your supplements and medications with dinner, unless medication instruction specifically direct otherwise.

Is it normal to have changes to bowel movements?

Of course! You’re completely changing what and when you eat, if your bowel movements didn’t change that would strange. With daily use of Pre · Bios and Micro · Bios, your digestive system should really be humming come week three.

When should I reach out to a coach?

Have a question about a specific step in the protocol? Technical questions about ketosis? Something isn’t working well for you? These are great reasons to reach out to one of our program coaches.

Want to chat recipes? Or maybe you’re looking for moral support? Head to the participants-only facebook group. You’ll probably get quicker replies here, and odds are, other Cleanse participants would love to chat recipes with you!

Can I have an extra serving of ____?

Ketobasis: Yep, go for it.
Ketomanna: In your modified intermittent fasting periods, it’s best to stick to one packet so as not to disrupt the cellular self-cleaning. Outside your modiefied fasting periods, indulge away.
Pre · Bios: Yep. All good.
Micro · Bios: In weeks two and three, if you want to take 3 capsules per day, this can help speed adaptation of your gut flora to your new diet.
Electrolyte Solution: Sure, why not.

Is it normal to be hungry?

If you’re someone that was eating a high-carbohydrate diet prior to starting the Cleanse, it will take a little longer for your body to adapt to eating low-carbohydrate and ketogenic. In this adaptation period, it’s normal for blood sugar levels to fluctuate, which is what creates the feeling of hunger in the body. As your body settles into this new way of eating in weeks two and three, blood sugar levels will stabilize and it’s likely you’ll feel hungry less frequently than you ever have.

Is it normal not to be hungry?

This often surprises people, but yes! - it is indeed normal not to feel hungry on a ketogenic diet, even when limiting calories.

Hunger is largely a product of blood sugar fluctuations, and because the Cleanse Program is specifically designed to stabilize your blood sugar levels, hunger will be significantly reduced for most people, particularly come week three when your body is more settled in ketosis.

Is it normal to be fatigued?

Over the course of the Cleanse Program, your body is adapting to a completely new primary fuel source (fats rather than carbs). Some people make this metabolic shift quicker than others, and if you’re naturally a slow adapter, there’s a possibility you could feel fatigued for a few days somewhere. This tends to be only a minority of people, and the Cleanse Program has been intentionally designed to keep energy levels high throughout the transition. Adhering closely to the program recommendations should keep you feeling great and avoiding fatigue. Specifically, using Ketobasis and your included electrolyte solution liberally will do the most to help this. Of course, caffeine helps too!